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National Floors Direct is the region's leading direct-to-consumer carpet and flooring business. National Floors Direct distinguishes out in the market by offering the finest flooring materials and installation at the lowest rates.

National Floors Direct has thousands of happy clients all throughout the region, and for good reason. We send brand-name carpet and flooring samples right to your house, so you can match quality flooring materials with lighting, space, and furniture. National Floors flooring experts will next measure and estimate the work at no cost to you.

On-site quotes for hardwood, luxury vinyl, carpet, and laminate flooring are included in National Floors Direct reviews.

Its amazing flooring production variety, white-glove service, unmatched flooring knowledge, and unsurpassed competence have earned National Floors Direct an enviable National Floors' strategy blends high-end flooring specialty shop quality and variety with big-box retailer prices and buying strength.

Local residents and businesses continue to appreciate the company's innovative approach to floor covering shopping. All of New England (excluding Maine) is covered under their service region.
National Floors Direct Reviews Incredible Flooring Services

National Floors Direct provides the best flooring materials and installation services at the lowest rates. The finest in flooring and carpeting is trusted by homeowners and businesses alike.

Putting up new flooring
NFD's unmatched home flooring installation services continue to be praised. Experienced installers perform each flooring installation at affordable rates. Installers are assured to arrive the following day for any items in National Floors Direct's large inventory.

Commercial floor installation
Localized commercial flooring installation by National Floors adds long-term value to any business or work environment.

Exceptional flooring
Our continuous dedication to working exclusively with renowned flooring companies and the biggest flooring suppliers in the world ensures that our customers get the finest, safest and most durable flooring materials available. It also exclusively utilizes Carpet & Rug Institute of America-certified carpet materials for indoor air quality.

Free extras
Some National Floors Direct reviews commend their generous complimentary gifts. They guarantee that clients have everything they need to enjoy the finest floor covering.

Each project has:

Every carpet installation comes with complimentary padding, guaranteeing optimum cushioning and comfort.
Standard stair flooring installation is free, eliminating many installers' hidden costs.
Free furniture moving to prevent hidden and exorbitant fees other businesses impose for moving furniture throughout a project.
We offer free measurement, plans, and estimates to guarantee project precision, correctness, and best pricing.
Installations guaranteed the following day are included in the price of all materials in National Floor Direct's wide range of high-quality goods.
We've been in business since 2005.
National Floors Direct has been connecting consumers with the finest in floor covering products and installations available for over 15 years.

National Floors Direct, a family-owned and managed business since 2005, is known for its unmatched flooring knowledge, expertise, and customer-first attitude.

National Floors Direct's founders and management team contribute over 75 years of flooring business expertise to every project, making the flooring buying process simpler and better than before.
What sets National Floors Direct apart?
Its evaluations show a dedication to superior quality, unparalleled service, and the region's finest variety of name-brand flooring goods.

By choosing National Floors Direct, homes, and businesses receive not just an amazing selection of industry-leading goods and services, but also unparalleled value and experience.

In addition to high-end carpet and laminate, National Floors Direct also offers hardwood and luxury vinyl. Learn more today.

The flooring may assist alleviate stiff, painful, and achy joints caused by prolonged standing.

Standing or walking on hard surfaces may be taxing on the joints, according to experts. National Floors Direct has made an announcement aimed at assisting companies in choosing flooring that is less taxing on workers. Commercial kitchens, industrial spaces, lobbies, childcare areas, healthcare offices, and other places where workers may spend a lot of time standing should all consider a more cushioned flooring option, according to National Floors Direct.

According to National Floors Direct, "the proper flooring may assist enhance your workers' health and comfort." "When it comes to cushioned flooring, carpet is typically the sole choice considered, although there are others. Cushioned flooring is sometimes misunderstood by business owners as soft and unsuitable for industrial use, but we have a broad range of options that provide both practical durability and the additional give needed to preserve staff health."

The feet, knees, and lower back may be harmed by flooding. According to the firm, while selecting flooring, business owners should think about preventive measures. National Floors Direct stated, "Most owners are already thinking about how to select the flooring that is simplest to clean or lasts the longest." "Why don't you consider which flooring choices will minimize turnover and sick-day downtime?" Employees that are sick will either be less productive or call in sick. The proper flooring may help you save money in the long run by reducing downtime."

The following are a few of the finest commercial flooring options:

Low-pile carpets with substantial padding make for a luxuriously soft surface.
To enhance give, use vinyl or linoleum with a thick underlayment.
Cork is a material that resembles wood but has a lot of giving and springiness to it.
Rubber is often utilized in industrial settings due to its durability and ease of maintenance.

According to National Floors Direct, the appropriate flooring will be determined by the space's intended purpose. Rubber flooring may be appropriate for an industrial garage or commercial kitchen, but it is not appropriate for a high-end workplace. The carpet may be appropriate in certain situations, but it is difficult to clean in medical or food preparation areas.

Some workplaces are more concerned with aesthetics than with functionality, therefore commercial flooring isn't required. As one of the most comfortable workplace flooring choices, cork has a lovely surface that is both warm and elegant. With a thick cork sublayer, vinyl and linoleum are the most cost-effective flooring choices. Each kind of flooring comes in a broad range of finishes and designs to fit the office's aesthetic.

According to National Floors Direct, businesses should invest in the appropriate flooring for their workers, staff, and employees.